When will my order will start to send?

Please check the newest delivery updates here:


TOKIT Delivery Update


Dear TOKIT community,

Thank you for your patience as we prepare your TOKIT Omni Cook, we understand that you have all been waiting eagerly to use yours. 

Our latest update regarding Kickstarter’s orders for the EU, we are pleased to tell you that they have arrived in Germany and we will start shipping packages for our Kickstarter’s users in the European Union in the near future, we urge you to stay tuned!


Thank you so much for your support!



Updated on Oct,20


TOKIT Delivery Updates and Air Freight Logistics


Dear TOKIT community,


Thank you for your patience during our shipping process of the Omni Cook. We have some important updates, today is the start of the first units being shipped to the United Kingdom and Ireland, our next step will be to begin shipping to SEA.



We will now provide air freight logistics for our crowdfunding backers who need air freight with a certain additional fee, deducted by the marine cost we cover. Use the information and chart below for reference.

  • For Malaysia and Singapore backers, please contact us before October 9th.
  • For US and Canada backers, please contact us before October 22th.
  • For UK,Ireland backers, please contact us before October 8th. 


The above additional cost is only the average cost for different regions, so it will be changed according to the actual different order. If you are still interested in changing the shipping method to air freight, please contact service@tokitglobal.com.

Thank you so much for your support!



 Updated on Sep, 30. 


TOKIT Delivery Information and Updates 


Dear TOKIT Community,

We would like to thank you so much for supporting us!  We have some good news for you! After rounds of negotiation and rescheduling with our manufacturing and logistics partners, we have successfully shortened the overall expected delivery schedule. 

Here is the updated timetable for your reference (updated 27th SEP):


For the first 1000 units of the UK version, we will first ship to countries furthest away from China between Sept 27th and 30th, this includes United Kingdom and Ireland and will be sent via marine transportation. The rest of the units will be shipped to SEA Backers by ascending order of the backer ID. We will share the latest details on Facebook, Kickstarter and Email when we start shipping.

In order to provide our customers with the fastest and most cost-effective logistics, we have set up overseas warehouses in our sales area for delivery. We will cover the shipping fees when your total final payment is over USD100. We will manage the shipping of all products purchased on TOKIT Official Store from our destination warehouses.

Here is a list of our destination warehouses (updated 27th SEP):

For the pre-orders with a total final payment that is less than USD100, we will have to charge a small logistics fee.

Please check out the estimated fee list for your reference (updated 27th SEP): 


We have also received some inquiries from crowdfunding users requiring a faster logistics method. We have consulted with air freight service providers and can arrange it, yet this will come with more expensive fees. Please send your request to service@tokitglobal.com if you need to speed up your delivery, our staff will contact you via Email. 

Any questions with delivery schedule and logistics arrangement, please feel free to leave your message or contact us through our  email and social media channels.


A Warm Appreciation from the whole TOKIT Team for your support.


Updated on Sep, 27.