TOKIT European Recipe Collection

TOKIT European Recipe Collection

Dear TOKIT Family,

We would like to tell you the current situation of the European recipes.

As of today, we have produced more than 200 local European specialties, including various staple foods with regional characteristics, such as Quiche from France, Paella from Spain, Margherita Pizza as well as different flavors of spaghetti and Risotto from Italy, plus bisque, appetizer, and of course everyone’s favorite—desserts.

Whether it’s the world-famous Sachertorte from Austria, macarons from France, or the magnificent Galaxy Mirror Glazed Cake, you can always make perfect reproductions with the TOKIT Omni Cook.

We have also prepared a series of festive menus, including Roast Chicken a must-have for Thanksgiving, or a Cup of Mulled Wine to warm up your Christmas with family and friends, and don’t forget to prepare some special Witches Fingers for the little troublemakers on Halloween.

Check below for some pictures and videos of our latest European recipes.


Beverage & Sauce

  • Hollandaise Sauce - Video


  • Sangria


  • Crème Brûlée
  • Macarons


    Festival Meal

    • Millionaire’s Ice Cream Bombe


    Main course& soup

    •  Pumpkin Cream Soup - Video
    • Margherita Pizza

    To produce regular and high-quality user-friendly content is always the goal of TOKIT, so we invite all users to give feedback on our recipes. We will continuously update our database, so you don’t find a recipe you would like to see on the machine, you are very welcome to leave us a comment about the recipes you want. We will actively develop recipes so that your favorite dishes will become available on your Omni Cook as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your continued support.


    Updated on Oct,26