Thermomix TM6 VS TOKIT Omni Cook

Thermomix TM6 VS TOKIT Omni Cook

Why TOKIT Omni Cook? And what exactly are the differences between TOKIT Omni Cook and Thermomix TM6? Thanks to "How to Cook That" Ann Reardon. Let's take a look at this Youtuber&blogger's honest review.

First, as it's mentioned in the video about the guided recipe, it's what makes the all-in-one smart cooking machine differentiate from other kicthen appliainces. Thermomix requires a yearly subscription, however, for TOKIT Omni Cook, you have free access to unlimited recipes. The step by step tutorial recipes have photos and videos on the large touch screen.

 Next, as for the temperature range, Thermomix TM6 can't go up to 120°C, while TOKIT OC can go up to 180°C. If you need cook meat or something requires high temperature, TM6 may fail.

 Besides that, precise temperature control is important as well especially for commercial kitchens. Of course, we wouldn't hope that the eggs got overcooked. But we wouln't know if it's not tested by Ann in the video, that TM6 hadn't reached the temperature for real as it's shown.  

Last but not least, don't forget about the safety measure. Do remember to lock the lid of mixing bowl in place in case of injury. TM6 has the risk of pinching your finger as it's shown in the video.

 You could also check the full version comprehensive review below. 

 The most obvious point, TOKIT OC bundles with add-ons are almost half the price of Thermomix TM6.

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