If I bring the product from the original country of use to another country, will it affect the repair policy and the support I can get?

We strongly recommend that you only use this product in the country of purchase. This helps to ensure that the environment it is used in is compatible with your model. If you do need to use the product in a country different from the country of purchase, please consider the followings:

> For the main unit, specific version:
- If your new country is one of our officially supported countries of the version you have, then the main unit's warranty policy will still take effect.
- If your new country is not one of our supported countries for your specific product model, we can't provide you with free warranty service; only: if we support other versions in your new country, then you might (or might not) still enjoy the paid after-sales service. You will need to consult the local after-sales service center for availability and specific charges.

> For the accessories:

-If you can provide the corresponding purchase certificate, then the warranty policy of the accessories will still be in effect.

An example:
You have bought an UK Version in Singapore, then you moved to UK. You will still enjoy the full warranty. If you move to France (with different plug type) or US (with different voltage), then normally this unit is not available for normal use anymore. If you wish to use it anyway, we will not guarantee the safety use, yet we might (or might not, depends on the capacity of local providers in different regions) still be able to provide some paid maintenance service if such is available locally (need to check with local supplier in advance).

Meanwhile, for any issues you encounter while using the product, you are welcome to contact us at the following: service@tokitglobal.com. We are always very happy to serve you!